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Sorting emails with multiple Gmail inboxes 391 words (2 min)

You can set up multiple inboxes in Gmail so that forwarded emails all appear in their own inbox.

It’s setup so that:

The two Gmail inboxes for and

Setting up multiple inboxes

This assumes you’ve already set up forwarding from the old email address to the current address and are logged in to the current address.

Create labels

Go to Settings/Labels and click Create new label. Make two new labels: one for the forwarded emails and one for non-forwarded emails. Mine were called (forwarded emails from my old university email address) and (non-forwarded emails).

Create filters

Go to Settings/Filters and Blocked Addresses and click Create a new filter. Create three new filters and apply the labels we created earlier:

Create inboxes

Go to Settings/Inbox, change Inbox type to Multiple inboxes. Place your labels in the Multiple inbox sections area and click Save changes:


Now emails intended for the old email address will appear in the inbox and emails intended for the current address will appear in the inbox.