Cozy Computer

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Cozy computer is CC to me
Spindled in comfort and beeping softly
Cozy computer with cuppa coffee
Or mocha, or Hi-C, or even Capri
Cozy computer (CC) whispers squeaky
Look upon my works ye mighty, and drink tea


Profiling vim to troubleshoot slow saving (4 minutes)

Counting days between two dates using Bash and Python (2 minutes)

Sorting emails with multiple Gmail inboxes (2 minutes)

Generic debounce in Bash (4 minutes)

Catnap: Rest your eyes using Electron and systemd on Ubuntu (Part 1) (6 minutes)

Run Bash scripts on startup using systemd on Ubuntu (17 minutes)

Bash autocompletion and removing weirdly named files using inodes on Ubuntu (4 minutes)

Scraping Speculative Fiction Short Stories Using Python And Beautiful Soup 4 (20 minutes)

Vim keybindings in the terminal (4 minutes)

Manual Pages And Using Vim As The Manual Pager On Ubuntu Linux (5 minutes)

Curling Byte Magazine Covers And Converting Pdf Pages To Png (3 minutes)

Recovering Accidentally Removed Files (2 minutes)

Setting up a personal blog using Jekyll, Github Pages, and a custom domain name (16 minutes)